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SAR 2021 Virtual Spring Meeting
Date: May 14 — 16, 2021
Although we cannot meet in person for the SAR 2021 Virtual Spring Meeting, it is looking like it will be a full program of exciting papers, discussions, and mentoring events. We are especially excited that Amira Mittermaier will present the Roy Rappaport Lecture.
There is no content on this site at the moment, but we will be adding to it over the next few months. Once content is available on the conference site, it is extremely important you do not copy/paste and share any links externally from this platform for any sessions. The security of our sessions and safety of our attendees relies on all of us in this community to keep us safe!
All sessions related to the SAR 2021 Virtual Spring Meeting will happen in Zoom Rooms or Zoom Webinars. As a reminder, the conference will take place in 3 different 3-hour blocks throughout each day to try to accommodate as many different time zones and busy schedules as possible. These blocks will be 9am-12 US Central, 2-5pm US Central, and 6-9pm US Central (the US Central time zone is UTC-6).  
We hope to have the conference schedule announced the first week of April. You will be notified by email when the schedule is available to view on the conference Communities site.