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AAA Annual Conference Virtual Offerings
Date: November 20 — 24, 2019
Location: Virtual/Online
Student Price:$50.00
AAA Member and Department Services Price:$75.00
Non-Member Price:$100.00
Please Note: The Live Webcast sessions will only be available as they take place live during the meeting. Recorded capture of these sessions will be available on AAA’s website 4-6 weeks following the Annual Meeting. 
Virtual Meeting Events Package
  • Opening Ceremony Keynote Address: Creating Harmonious Environments with Architect Douglas Cardinal - Live Webcast
    • November 20, 2019 9:30 PM Eastern
  • Making Ethnography in Graphic Form: Productive Tensions, Creative Engagements, Uncertain Knowledges - Live Webcast
    • November 21, 2019 11:00 AM Eastern
  • Roundtable Discussion: Marie-Eve Carrier-Moisan, Carleton University; Erika Hoffmann-Dilloway, Oberlin College; Stacy Pigg, Simon Fraser University; Sally Campbell Galman, University of Massachusetts (Amherst); Andrew Gilbert, McMaster University; Larisa Kurtovic, University of Ottawa; Coleman Nye, Simon Fraser University
  • Cite Black Women: Race, Gender, Justice and Citational Politics in Anthropology - Live Webcast
    • November 21, 2019 1:15 PM Eastern
  • Executive Session Roundtable: Christen Smith, University of Texas at Austin; Antoinette Jackson, University of South Florida; Erica Williams, Spelman College; Bianca Williams, CUNY Graduate Center; Dana-Ain Davis, CUNY Graduate Center; A Lynn Bolles, University of Maryland; Keisha-Khan Perry, Brown University; Christa Craven, College of Wooster; Sameena Mulla, Marquette University; Christen Smith, University of Texas at Austin
  • MPAAC: Precarious Policies: Migrant Health in Times of Crisis and Rising Xenophobia - Live Webcast
    • November 22, 2019 1:15 PM Eastern
  • Roundtable Discussion: Thurka Sangaramoorthy, University of Maryland; Katherine Lambert-Pennington, University of Memphis; Kristin Yarris, University of Oregon; Lauren Carruth, American University; William Beeman, University of Minnesota
  • A Moral Commitment to the Gift: Sharing Knowledge through Anthropology Now - Live Webcast
    • November 22, 2019 5:00 PM Eastern
    • Presentations:
        • Solidarity as a Key to Success for Public Anthropology
          • Rylan Higgins – Saint Mary's University, Department of Anthropology
        • Scouting, Cultivating, Curating: The Work of a Section Editor in the Age of Digital Reproduction
          • Jennifer Cool – University of Southern California
        • Making Bathrooms Strange and Eclipses Familiar: Reaching Out through Anthropology Now
          • Robert Myers – Alfred University
        • The Process Disrupted: Collaborative Text Development at Anthropology Now
          • Maria D. Vesperi – New College of Florida
        • Grabbing Attention With Anthropology Now
          • Emily Martin – NYU
        • Discussion
          • Eben Kirksey – Princeton's Institute for Advanced Study - Deakin University
        • Discussion
          • Katherine McCaffrey – Montclair State University
  • Indigenous Language Media and Community Radio: Stories, Solidarities, and Social Change - Live Webcast
    • November 23, 2019 1:15 PM Eastern
    • Presentations:
        • Contested Ideologies of Language Revitalization in Upper Napo Kichwa Community Media
          • Georgia Ennis – Penn State University, Center for Humanities and Information
        • Indigenous Airwaves and Bureaucratic Dissonance: “You’ve Gotta Quit Kicking My Dawgs Around….”
          • Kathleen Buddle – University of Manitoba, Department of Anthropology
        • Inuit and Inuktut in action in Montreal and Ottawa community radio
          • Donna Patrick – Carleton University
        • Mobilizing Nipivut ('Our Voice'): a case study of anthropology in action
          • Mark K. Watson – Concordia University, Department of Sociology & Anthropology
        • Kichwa Hatari: Transnational Collective, Radio and Movement
          • Amalia Cordova – Smithsonian Institution
        • Spoken From The Heart
          • Monique Manatch
  • Reimagining and Remapping Environmental and Racial Justice in the Face of a Trumpian Attack - Live Webcast
    • November 23, 2019 5:00 PM Eastern
    • Presentations:
      • Trump Vs. De Blasio: Environmental Justice, Policy and the Politics of Disaffection
        • Melissa A. Checker – CUNY - Queens College
      • We are Fighting Just to Breathe: Exploring the Racialized Dimensions of Asthma and Zero Waste in Baltimore City
        • Nicole W. Fabricant – Towson University
      • The Scales of Climate Justice: Mitigating Global Climate Change through State and Federal Litigation in the United States
        • Natalie Bump Vena – Queens College (CUNY)
      • Decolonizing Disaster Recovery and Adaptation to Climate Change in Puerto Rico
        • Adriana M. Garriga-Lopez – Kalamazoo College
      • Homelessness and Environmental Hazards
        • Erin Goodling – University of Oregon
      • Discussion
        • Juan De Lara – University of Southern California, Center for Visual Anthropology
      • Discussion
        • Shirley J. Fiske – University of Maryland, College Park
  • Presidential Address - Live Webcast
    • November 23, 2019 9:15 PM Eastern
    • Alex W. Barker, President, AAA
  • Katharine Pope: Forensic Anthropology - Streaming
  • Mackenzie Price: Linguistic Anthropology - Streaming
  • Michael Pappalardo: Archaeology - StreamingTricia Wang: Global Tech Ethnography - Streaming
  • Diego Vigil: Urban Anthropologist - Streaming