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The eAnthroGuide is a directory of anthropological institutions. It contains degree and other basic information more than 800 academic departments; museums; government agencies; nonprofits, NGOs, and foundations; research and consulting firms.

This information is a free service of the American Anthropological Association, to encourage study in the discipline. Access to the full eAnthroGuide — including advanced searches; detailed information on more than 10,000 archaeologists and anthropologists; and details about the program — is available to AAA members as a benefit of membership. Members may log into Anthro Gateway for the full view. For more information about AAA membership, visit the Membership page or contact Member Services.

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Search Guidelines

  • Current active eAnthroGuide listers are indicated with a .
  • Institutions that are not currently active eAnthroGuide listers will have limited, and potentially dated, information displayed.
  • Add partial information for a search, e.g. "Cal" instead of "California State University" for best results.
  • Do not search for acronyms or abbreviations (i.e. "CSU, Fullerton" is found most easily by entering "Fullerton" in the Institution Name field).
  • The more simple the search, the more results returned. Too many criteria will limit the number of results.
  • This database does not include the AAA Membership Directory information.
  • Please contact Guide Services if you have any questions.