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Selected Papers on Refugees and Immigrants: Negotiating Transnationalism, Vol. IX

Edited by Marycarol Hopkins and Nancy Wellmeier

$ 10.00 - Negotiating Transnationalism: Selected Papers IX Member Price
$ 15.00 - Negotiating Transnationalism: Selected Papers IX Nonmember Price

Selected Papers on Refugees and Immigrants: Rethinking Refuge and Displacement, Vol. VIII

Edited by Elzbieta M. Gozdziak and Dianna J. Shandy

$ 15.00 - Rethinking Refuge and Displacement Member Price
$ 18.00 - Rethinking Refuge and Displacement Nonmember Price

The Impoverishment of Women

The Impoverishment of Women Sandra Morgen (Author), A. Lynn Bolles (Author), Nandini Gunewardena (Author), Ann Kingsolver (Author), Jane Henrici (Author), Leith Mullings (Author), Mary Weismantel (Amore»

$ 13.00 - The Impoverishment of Women Member Price
$ 16.00 - The Impoverishment of Women Nonmember Price

The Politics of Time

American Ethnological Society Monograph Series Edited by Henry J. Rutz

$ 22.00 - The Politics of Time Member Price
$ 25.00 - The Politics of Time Nonmember Price

Transforming Academia: Challenges and Opportunities for an Engaged Anthropology

American Ethnological Society Monograph Series Editors: Linda G. Basch, Lucie Wood Saunders, Jagna Wojcicka Sharff, and James Peacock Consulting Editor: Roberta Jill Craven

$ 12.50 - Transforming Academia Member Price
$ 15.00 - Transforming Academia Nonmember Price

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