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Executive Board Members

Members are elected at-large by the AAA membership. The Executive Board conducts the business of the Association, manages the property, and adopts the budget, among other things. The Board is the Association's final and official point of decision. To contact the board, please email

Alisse Waterston (2015-2017)

Alex Barker (2015-2017)

Susana Narotzky (2015-2018)

Rick Feinberg (2016-2019)

Archaeology Seat
Elizabeth Chilton (2014-2017)

Biological Seat
Lorena Madrigal (2014-2017)

Cultural Seat
Christina Garsten (2015-2018)

Linguistic Seat
Jillian Cavanaugh (2014-2017)

Minority Seat
Anna Agbe-Davies (2016-2019)

Practicing/Professional Seat
Nathaniel Tashima (2016-2019)

Section Assembly Executive Committee/Executive Board Small Section Seat
David Simmons (2016-2019)

Section Assembly Executive Committee/Executive Board Medium Section Seat
Carolyn Lesorogol (2016-2019)

Section Assembly Executive Committee/Executive Board Large Section Seat
Ellen Lewin (2017-2018)

Student Seat
Saira Mehmood (2015-2018)

Undesignated Seat 1
Cathy Costin (2015-2018)

Undesignated Seat 2
Pamela Stone (2016-2018)

Undesignated Seat 3
Keri Brondo (2014-2017)

Edmund Hamann (2012-2018)

Ex-Officio #2
Edward Liebow

Staff Liaison
Kimberley Baker

Ex-Officio (staff)
Elaine Lynch (2015-2025)

AAA Leadership & Governance