Pledge and Photo Waiver

By registering to present and/or attend the AAA Annual Meeting I commit to maintaining respectful and ethical professional relationships in accordance with the AAA Principles of Professional Responsibility.  I further understand that sexual, sexual identity or racial/ethnic harassment--or harassment of any kind-- is unethical and unacceptable behavior, and that It is unethical to exploit the inequalities of power that characterize many professional relationships to obtain personal, sexual, or professional advantages.

We will be taking photographs, filming parts of the event, and conducting some video interviews. I understand that these materials can be shared and accept the following standard photograph & video release form.

I give my permission to be interviewed, photographed, videotaped or electronically imaged or recorded during the event and for such material, including my image and likeness and the sound of my voice and any transcripts of audio recordings, to be copied, edited, remixed, published, re-used, broadcast, exhibited and/or distributed by the American Anthropological Association and its licensees in all media and languages throughout the world, including in advertising or promotions and on the internet.
I understand that:
  1. My name may not be published but there is a possibility that I may be identified from the information.
  2. I will not have the opportunity to inspect or approve any finished products.
  3. I will receive no royalties or other compensation from the use of my image or recording.
  4. AAA shall have complete ownership of the material in which I appear, including copyright interests.