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The members of the AAA Section Assembly are Section Presidents or appointments by the individual Sections. The Section Assembly explores issues of importance to the discipline, the Association and the Sections, and passes resolutions or motions that are considered by the AAA Executive Board.

Section Assembly Leadership

Elisa Sobo (2019-2022)

Executive Committee

Large Sections Representative
Petra Kuppinger (2018–2021)
Medium Sections Representative
Susan Falls (2019-2022)
Small Sections Representative
Murray Leaf (2019-2022)

Section Assembly Members
Elisa Sobo (2019-2021)

Anthropology of Consciousness
Andrew Gurevich (2019-2021)

American Ethnological Society
Jacqueline Solway (2019-2021)

Section Assembly Executive Committee/Executive Board Small Section Seat
Murray Leaf (2019-2022)

Anthropology and Environment Section
Jim Igoe (2018-2020)

Section Assembly Executive Committee/Executive Board Medium Section Seat
Susan Falls (2019-2022)

Archaeology Division
Elizabeth Chilton (2019-2021)

Section Assembly Executive Committee/Executive Board Large Section Seat
Petra Kuppinger (2019-2020)

Association for Africanist Anthropology
Yolanda Covington-Ward (2018-2020)

Association for Feminist Anthropology
Jennifer Wies (2019-2021)

Association of Indigenous Anthropologists
Valerie Lambert (2018-2020)

Association for Political and Legal Anthropology
Erica Bornstein (2019-2021)

Association of Black Anthropologists
Riché Barnes (2019-2021)

Association of Latina and Latino Anthropologists
Maria Cruz-Torres (2018-2020)

Association for Queer Anthropology
Joseph Sosa (2018-2020)

Association for Queer Anthropology
Eric Plemons (2019-2021)

Association of Senior Anthropologists
Jim Weil (2018-2020)

Association for the Anthropology of Policy
Carol MacLennan (2018-2020)

Association for the Anthropology of Policy
Paul Stubbs (2018-2020)

Biological Anthropoplogy Section
Adam Van Arsdale (2018-2020)

Council for Museum Anthropology
Carrie Heitman (2018-2020)

Council on Anthropology and Education
Sofia Villenas (2017-2020)

Culture and Agriculture
David Meek (2019-2021)

Evolutionary Anthropology Society
Brooke Scelza (2019-2021)

General Anthropology Division
Anthony Harrison (2018-2020)

Middle East Section
Jessica Winegar (2018-2020)

National Association for the Practice of Anthropology
David Himmelgreen (2018-2020)

National Association of Student Anthropologists
Peter Lee (2019-2020)

Society for Anthropological Sciences
Stephen Lyon (2019-2021)

Society for the Anthropology in Community Colleges
Evin Rodkey (2018-2020)

Society for Cultural Anthropology
Anne Allison (2019-2021)

Society for East Asian Anthropology
Sonia Ryang (2019-2021)

Society for Humanistic Anthropology
Helena Wulff (2018-2020)

Society for Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology
Ronda Brulotte (2017-2020)

Society for Linguistic Anthropology
Kira Hall (2019-2021)

Society for Medical Anthropology
Charles Briggs (2019-2021)

Society for Psychological Anthropology
Rebecca Lester (2019-2021)

Society for the Anthropology of Europe
Sarah Green (2018-2020)

Society for the the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition
Joan Gross (2019-2021)

Society for the Anthropology of North America
Alaka Wali (2019-2021)

Society for the Anthropology of Religion
Courtney Handman (2019-2021)

Society for Urban, National and Transnational/Global Anthropology
Jeff Maskovsky (2018-2020)

Society for The Anthropology of Work
Sarah Besky (2019-2022)

Society for Economic Anthropology
Cindy Isenhour (2019-2020)

Society for Visual Anthropology
Jerome Crowder (2019-2021)

Staff Liaison

Ex-Officio (staff)

Ex-Officio (staff)

Ex-Officio (staff)

Ex-Officio (staff)
Janine Chiappa McKenna