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Nationalist Ideologies & the Production of National Cultures

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 Nationalist Ideologies and the Production of National Cultures, edited by Richard G. Fox, AES Monograph Series, #2, 1990.
From the introduction:
"The first five papers of the book look at the production of national culture at an early point of development."
"The last three papers in this volume begin with national culture and show the difficulties and controversies that surround its construction or reproduction."
"These papers conserve the central problem that national character studies attacked two generations ago, but to do so they have had to adopt a very different image of the central concept of culture. We still wish to know about the production of national culture: Where do the informing believes, the charactistic lifeways, and the diagnostic temperaments come from? It was much too easy to answer this question when anthropology was infused with psychological reductionism. Then, national culture could be the projection of childhood experiences into adult life."