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The Politics of Time

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Edited by Henry J. Rutz. AES Monography Number 4.
From the introduction:
"The unifying idea of this collection is that time is an object of power relations. Contributors are concerned with different forms of objectification and more especially, with contests of power that shape time as both concept and resource. There now exists a substantial literature on the anthropology of time. Most of it, however, focuses on time concepts in disparate cultures or, alternatively, on the measurement of time. The emphasis has been on asking questions about what time is, how it is reckoned, or what standard is used to measure it. This collection, in contract, emphasizes the multiplicity of times within single social formations, the potential for social conflict that arises from competing times, and the struggle or resistance that ensues when one group attempts to dominate the time of anotehr in the interest of power."
Part I: A Politics of Time
1    Introduction: The Idea of a Politics of Time
      Henry J. Rutz
2    The Power to Time and the Time to Power
      Robert Rotenberg
Part II: Appropriations of Time
3     The "Etatization" of Time in Ceausescu's Romania
       Katherine Verdery
4     Never on Sunday: Time-discipline and Fijian Nationalism
       Henry J. Rutz and Erol M. Balkan
5     Seizing the Moment: Power, Contingency, and Temporality in Street Life
       Anne M. Lovell
Part III: The Institutionalization of a Dominant Time
6   Time, Talk, and Class: New York Puerto Ricans as Temporal and Linguistic Others
      Bonnie Urciuoli
7    Temporality and the Domestication of Homelessness
      Kostas Gounis 
Part IV: Time and Legitimation
8      Jewish Ontologies of time and Political Legitimation in Israel
         Robert Paine
9      Centralizing Agricultural Time: A Case from South Sulawesi
         John R. Bowen