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Bitter Money: Cultural Economy & Some African Meanings of Forbidden Commodities

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By Parker Shipton

“fascinating little book adds to the study of culture to political economy” MacGaffey~Journal of Anthropological Research, 1990

“presents fascinating material on beliefs about money in some Luo-speaking communities of Kenya… an insightful analysis… a case that will generate fruitful discussions for years to come” Ferguson~American Ethnologist, 1991. DOI: 10.1525/ae.1991.18.3.02a00280

Bitter Money unites symbolic and economic analysis in exploring the beliefs about forbidden exchanges among the Luo of Kenya and other African peoples. Shipton's multi-paradigmatic theoretical explanation briefly summarizes a century of anthropological thought about African exchange, while integrating ways of understanding rural African economy, politics, and culture.

SUPPORTS: Economic anthropology, material culture classes, East African history and area studies.