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Selected Papers on Refugees and Immigrants: Negotiating Transnationalism, Vol. IX

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Edited by MaryCarol Hopkins and Nancy Wellmeier
From the Introduction
"Scholarly studies of the lives of refugees and immigrants make a unique contribution to the discipline of anthropology by examining how individuals, families, communities, and whole cultures negotiate the cultural changes necessitated by transnational migration. In these negotiation processes arise some of the most interesting and perplexing issues in anthropology: issues of individual and group decision-making, the collapse and reestablishment of ethnic and national boundaries, changing gender and generational relations, and the construction and manipulation of identities."
"Taken as a whole, however, this volume aims to provide anthropologists, scholars in other disciplines, social workers and other practitioners and national and international policy-makers with a more comprehsenive view of how transnational and cross-cultural negotiation take place and, ultimately, how culture changes."
      Nancy J. Wellmeier and MaryCarol Hopkins
The CORI Annual Award for Best Papers
Routes and Destinations: Nuer Secondary Migration in the United States
      Dianna J. Shandy
Theorizing the Sojourner Student (with a Sketch of Appropriate School Responsiveness)
      Edmund T. Hamann
The Politics of Education for, by, and about Immigrants: A Lao Example
      Ruth M. Krulfeld
Ethnic Identity under Construction: Vietnamese Students in an English as a Second Language Classroom
      Cheryl M. Allendoerfer
"How Can You Be Cambodian If You Don't Speak Khmer?" Language, Literacy, and Education in a Cambodian"Rhetoric of Distinction"
      Susan Needham
Are you a Real Refugee? A Critique of Official Classification of Migrant Types from a Political Economy Perspective
      Rachel H. Adler
Employees to Asylees: Iraqi Kurds in an American Dream
      Diane E. King
Child and Family Well-Being in Settlement Decisions of Guatemalan Maya Women in Los Angeles
      James Loucky
Notes on Transnational Migration: The Case of Brazilian Immigrants
      Maxine L. Margolis
Becoming Minor Minorities in the United States and New Zealand: Samoan Migrant Experiences with Government Funding
      Ilana M. Gershon
A Glimpse of a Lighthouse: Participatory Action Research, Postcolonial Theory, and Work in Refugee Communities
      Mary Brydon-Miller