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Transforming Academia: Challenges and Opportunities for an Engaged Anthropology

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American Ethnological Society Monograph Series
Editors: Linda G. Basch, Lucie Wood Saunders, Jagna Wojcicka Sharff, and James Peacock
Consulting Editor: Roberta Jill Craven

Part I: Introduction and Overviews
1   Anthropology in a Changing Academy: Crisis or Opportunity?
      Linda G. Basch
2   Toward a Proactive Anthropology
      James L. Peacock
3   Anthropology and the Academy: Historical Reflections
      Eric R. Wolf
Part II: Ethnographers' Analysis of the Current Situation
4   Sweatshopping Academe: Capitalism and the Part-Time Academic in U.S. Universities
      Jagna Wojcicka Sharff and Johanna Lessinger
5   Race, Class, and the Limits of Democratization in the Academy
      Karen Brodkin
6   New Voices of Diversity, Academic Relations of Production, and the Free Market
      Faye V. Harrison
7   Restructuring and the Changing Roles of Faculty
      Tom Greaves
8   Restructuring, Downsizing, Surviving? The CUNY Case
      Luci Wood Saunders
Part III: Administrative Vantage Points
9   Schism and Continuity in the Academy
      Judith Shapiro
10   Whither the Comprehensive Land-Grant University?
      Art Gallaher
11   Good Fences Make Good Neighbors: Keeping Anthropology's Subfields Alive and Growing in the 21st Century
      Peter T. Ellison
12   Will Inclusion Be More than an Illusion in the Academy of the Future?
      Niara Sudarkasa
Part IV: Preserving Anthropology's Space in Academia
13   Marginal Natives: Anthropology in Undergraduate Institutions
      Miriam S. Chaiken
14  The Forgotten Undergraduate
      Richard I. Ford 
15   Howard University: A Minority Institution Refocusing for Century Twenty-One
      Arvilla Payne-Jackson
16   Playing the Anthropologist in Public
      J. Anthony Paredes
17   A Challenge to Community College and University Departments: Survive or Thrive through Collaboration
      Mark S. Lewine
18   Back from the brink of Death: The Revival of Anthropology at UTEP
      David L. Carmichael
Part V: Extending Anthropological Practice beyond Academia
19   Professionalism and Perception
      Cathleen E. Crain and Nathaniel Tashima
20   Anthropology as Agent of Change: Anthropology in Corporate Structures
      Madeline L. Ritter
21   Integrating Anthropologists in Nonacademic Work Settings
      Cris Johnsrud
22   The Invisible Anthropologist
      Mary Ann Castle
Part VI: Reflections and Conclusions on the Anthropological Stance
23   Critical Reflections
      Sydel Silverman
24   Comments: Crisis as Opportunity
      Madeleine L. Tramm
25   Comments; The View from teh Third World
      June Nash
26   Comments: Anthropology in the Next Millennium. A Case Study on Service Learning and Ethnography at California State University, Monterey Bay
      Steven F. Arvizu
27   Concluding Comments
      Linda G. Basch, Lucie Wood Saunders, Jagna Wojcicka Sharff, and James Peacock